Birds of Tokyo

I entered a design competition over the weekend.

The Aussie band Birds of Tokyo put a Facebook post out calling for submissions for a t-shirt design for their upcoming tour. A friend of mine let me know and suggested that I give it a go, and I’m glad that I did because I’m a bit happy about the results. It gave me a chance to work with my hands, chill out, relax, do some illustration which I haven’t done in a while and work on my hand type.

Some people were following my progress on my instagram through the day, thanks for your support and wish me luck!



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One thought on “Birds of Tokyo

  1. They did a photoshoot thegtoer for a Vanity Fair issue around a year and a half ago now so I assume this is where the image comes from. It was a stunning shoot, very 20s and 30s oriented and just beautiful. Seeing it again on your blog brings back very fond, magazine flicking memories indeed!

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