A cup of tea is like a hug

I have just submitted this piece of work into the 2013 Semi-Permanent publication.

I have 3 books in my shelf from previous years, all filled with inspiration from artists and designers from around the world. I would love to be featured in the next one and look forward to hearing back in anticipation!

A cup of tea is like a hug.

This hand type kind of work is really a new and big thing for me, and I’m constantly doodling, drawing, sketching, researching and practicing to make myself better at it. Call it typography, illustration, messy, neat, anything you like but I’m so excited to find something I think I really love.

<This post has been edited, it contained the artwork featured in this photo, which has since been used without permission and sold. Utterly disgraceful.>

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5 thoughts on “A cup of tea is like a hug

  1. This looks great! I too was awakened to the world of typography not long ago and found it so exciting (in a totally nerdy but cool kinda way) and love finding inspiration in the most strangest and subtle of places. I have also submitted work for the next book! Did you happen to go to semi-permanent in melbourne? I heard it was incredible. Best of luck and keep up the great typo work!

  2. Thanks so much Lea!
    Yes I did go to Semi Permanent, I’ve been a few times now. It’s always a really good event, you should try and go next year if you can.
    Good luck with your submission!

  3. Hello,
    How are you? I hope you are doing great! I know you don’t know me so first let me introduce you to me.
    I am Nishita and I am 16, I am a writer and I am about to publish my first novel.
    I want some typography for it and I would be pleased if you could make them for me.
    All Love,

    P.S. Please reply if you ever read this. :)

    1. Hi Nishita,
      Just saw this comment. My apologies for not responding!
      I see your email address here, I’ll send you a hello in case you don’t see this :)

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