Last weekend was Typism, a typography/lettering even held in the Gold Coast which is pretty amazing. It was my first one I could attend, and it has inspired me.

Right now, I am a mum and a marketer. And I am fine with that.

But I love the Melbourne Lettering Club, and while I am content at my lettering just being for me, I am proud of the community I have helped create.

There were so many members at Typism, and even 2 spoke! More spoke last year, and the year before as well. We have some amazing letterers in our group and they are all happy share their knowledge.

I look up to lots of our members, they continue to inspire me all the time!

Some of them that I’m happy to mention:

I have been organising pretty much all of the meet ups previously, but taken a step back due to the exhaustion of motherhood and simply not being in the cbd. But now I am ready again to help my little community.

If you live in Melbourne and love typography, calligraphy or lettering please feel free to join our facebook group here.

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