My week as an intern

Last week I interned at ‘Fashion Journal’ magazine.

I had a week spare, they are always looking for interns and they were one week away from sending to print.
I love magazines, books and all publications and so jumped at the opportunity to help out.

With piles of clothes, shoes and accessories around the office, young ladies, bright nail polish, bubbly conversation and lots of chocolate – it was a great experience.

I spent most of my time creating clipping paths around images for the magazine, and have now just realised how many images there are in all fashion magazines and they all must go through this process– each and every issue to ensure all images are crisp, fresh and enticing.
As the week went by the deadline was getting closer and we worked harder, not only with more clipping but creating layouts for pages, matching colours and clothes together, playing around with typefaces and putting everything together. I could tell that those actually employed at the magazine always work long into the night on deadline, each month. A kind of roller coaster effect of hours with each issue, but it works.

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