Melbourne Lettering Club

Melbourne Lettering Club is a group of people who love lettering that meet up once a month and scribble, draw, sketch, drink alcohol and chat about all things type (mainly different pens to use!).

It’s a great night and if you are interested in joining us – please just come and don’t be shy!

We have a Facebook group where we share inspiration, tips and great links to each other; and also announce each meetup.

The next one is Tuesday night – September 23rd September from 6pm onwards at The Duke of Wellington.


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5 thoughts on “Melbourne Lettering Club

  1. Hi MLC – I’d like to get into lettering and was going to do a calligraphy or similar course but Stephen Banham from Letterbox suggested you lot. I’m not a designer but interested person. Do you run workshops to get going? Let me know, Kaye

    1. Hi Kaye!
      We don’t run workshops, but a few of our members do run workshops themselves!
      We have a meetup next Friday and would love for you to come along.
      Find our group on Facebook :)

  2. Love to Be on your mailing list and attend some of your get togethers.
    I am a long time calligrapher and designer who loves to play with paint and all things lettering!

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