Friday in the library

Today I spent the day in the city with my sketchbook and an open mind.

First I headed over to Creative Mornings for an inspiring breakfast lecture with many other Melbourne creatives. It suited well because part of the talk was about your own creative space and how you should make time to recharge yourself, otherwise your day to day life – even as a designer – can sometimes wear you out.

I had a nice cup of tea with a fellow Graphic Designer afterwards and a good old chat, and then I headed to the City Library for some quiet me time.

Sometimes just being in another environment really helps the creativity, the attention span and the focus.
I had a pile of books, my pencil and my sketchbook. I didn’t even listen to any music, just the sound of my pencil.

(Nothing too exciting, I just was inspired by some of the flourishes and drop caps I discovered)

teganmg-library teganmg-library2

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