Due date calendar

For the 2019 financial year, I designed a business due date calendar for Optimised Accounting’s clients.

We handed them out at tax planning meetings, and they were very well received.

The aim is to help business owners remember key dates such as quarterly BAS due dates, payroll tax, superannuation dates and other things like that. Business owners are generally busy running their business, that they forget due dates, or aren’t aware they are coming up. So this way they can put the poster up and not have to worry about it. We remind our clients of course about these dates, but this way they can see the whole customer journey for the full year.

Inspired by a game of ‘snakes and ladders’, this colourful piece of design shows the financial year ahead as a fun journey.

As I mostly do Marketing now for Optimised, this was a fun project to sink my Graphic Design teeth into for a little while.

Graphic design for Optimised Accounting

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