AGDA Spit & Polish Workshop

I recently took part in an AGDA Victoria Spit & Polish workshop ‘book & publication design’. This was a fantastic full day of learning and refreshing on my knowledge of indesign and typography.

Tony Palmer (the teacher) was my typography teacher 5 years ago and still one of my mentors today. He works as a book designer at Penguin Books and does amazing things.

Some of the things we brushed upon where the importance of setting your hyphenations, justifications, good and bad fonts, leading, baselines and the list goes on. As the day went on he came out with some great quotes which I just had to share, including: ‘wrap around text offends me,’ ‘don’t ever use the character pallette to change letter spacing–you may as well kill yourself’ and ‘you can’t be a space above personal and a space below person. You must choose.’

I find it very important as a designer to continually learn, evolve, grow and meet new people and these workshops I highly recommend.

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